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Tailsrulz HD Art Pack: April 2021 [N/SFW]

Vulpine Studios
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WARNING: This pack contains adult (18+) artwork! There is a separate listing that has just SFW versions.

A collection of my finished art from April, 2021. This month was a little different in which there were only a couple unique images, but they had many variations.

This pack mimics the rewards you would have received from being a Gold-tier ($10) subscriber to my Patreon at that time. All alternate versions of the artwork from this time period, SFW and NSFW, are included. View the screenshots of the thumbnails above to see what finished images are included for this pack. Note: PSD files are NOT included in these packs.

All finished pictures are high-resolution PNGs, typically with the longer dimension exceeding 2000px. Pictures designed to be wallpapers can go up to 4K resolution (3840x2160).

Work in progress (WIP) versions of the included finished images are included as a bonus, and possibly WIPs of other images I was working on at the time. Just to be thorough, the web JPG versions of the finished pictures are also included.

Pictures are delivered in a single .zip file. Download the file, right-click it, select "extract all", and then open up the folder that is created.

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High-res PNGs, plus bonus WIP versions

Unique images
PNG files [SFW]
PNG files [NSFW/Alts]
WIP files
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Tailsrulz HD Art Pack: April 2021 [N/SFW]

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